How We Work

Trees are an essential feature in our everyday landscape and play a major role in our urban and rural environments. Living amongst these dynamic systems can require ongoing  management and support. Planting and nurturing trees in the early years is essential - as is supporting trees into maturity. We offer advice, care and formative work to help manage and preserve trees throughout their life, which can include sensitive pruning and reductions or installing non-invasive bracing support.  

Insurance and Assurance

We are fully insured, carrying public liability insurance and send a copy of our insurance with every free quotation as standard good practice. We will advise you on the relevant legislation regarding Tree Preservation Orders,  Conservation and Sites of Scientific Interest, ensuring that all legislation is adhered to with appropriate liaison with the relevant authorities. Our staff hold all the relevant qualifications and maintain their professional skills and knowledge through regular update and refresher training. Customer care and service is a key priority for all staff in Complete Tree Services.

Environment & Responsible Recycling

Trees are dynamic natural systems which provide important habitats to insects, birds and bats. We ensure that, wherever possible these habitats are not overly disrupted and all works adhere to habitat legislation, particularly that of birds and bats. Pre-work checks to detect bat roosts and nesting birds are undertaken as standard.

We pride ourselves on working primarily through recommendation. Providing impartial professional advice is a distinguishing feature of the company so on occasion we may advise that no works are needed. We will work with you to agree what if any works are required but be assured if it isn’t necessary we will tell you. Responsible sustainability is our business. 

Unless we have agreed to leave tree debris for a natural habitat or timber, we remove and recycle everything such as:

  • Woodchip - Not only a fantastic soil conditioner and weed suppressant but also an alternative power source

  • Log wood - We produce excellent quality logwood throughout the year.

  • Carved sculptures - We can connect you to professional chainsaw carvers who can carve a remaining stump into a lasting legacy for you.

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